2011 Chevrolet Impala

The new 2014 Chevrolet Impala is, by all accounts, a far superior vehicle to the model it replaces. In fact, it was the first American car to beat out the import competition and earn distinction from Consumer Reports as the best sedan on the market. But not everyone wants the new and improved model.

The outgoing Impala has proven a favorite among fleet buyers, and to keep those customers coming back for more, word has it that Chevy will continue producing the previous version (pictured above) until 2016.

That’s two years longer than the outgoing Impala was supposed to last, but the business from rental and government fleets, among others, means that the GM plant in Oshawa, Ontario, will keep on producing the previous model as the Impala Limited. The move follows a similar path taken by previous versions of the Malibu (to say nothing of the long-lived Caprice Classic) that stayed in production for fleet use long after they’d been replaced for individual purchase.

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One thought on “Report: Chevy keeping fleet-only Impala Limited alive until 2016

  1. I agree regarding the dash, but don’t fegort who this car is marketed at, the lower class, lower income and lower educated population who in their minds would probably consider it upscale with the leather fake or not and the chrome like plastics.In my opinion it is garbage, look at the steering wheel, chrome like plastics, vents etc, however this car was not marketed towards me and I’m sure those whom it was marketed at would find it attractive.Different strokes for different folks.


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